Volume 4, Issue 2, 2018

Research Article

Ferrous Sulphate Catalysed Synthesis of 1, 5-Benzothiazepines using Sonication Method

  • Priti Pawar, Vitthal S.Shivankar, Yashwant A.Gaikwad, Shakuntala S.Patil & Gurumeet C.Wadhawa

Research Article

Autochthonous Bacterial Community in Remediation of Azo Dyes: A Review

  • T. Sheela*, Baby Jooju and S. Senthil Kumar

Research Article

Synthesis of Resorufin Based Chromogenic and Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Mercury

  • Milind Shamrao Thakare* and Pravin Madhavrao Yeole
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