Essential Oil Extraction, Characterization and Antimicrobial Study of Blumea laciniata DC from Konkan Region

Author(s): Abhijit V. Dinde*, P. B. Lokhande & H. A. Mujawar

The present study of Essential Oil of Blumea laciniataDC was designed to evaluate essential oil extrac-tion, phytochemical composition and Anti-Microbial Study of essential oil from Blumea laciniataDCcollected from Dapoli Tehsil in Konkan Region. The Essential Oil wasextracted by methods using like Hydro distillation using Clevenger’s type Apparatus, Steam Distillation and Solvent Extraction. Characterization of essential oil was done by IR, GC-MS and Anti-Microbial Activity. Total 34 compounds were identified using Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectroscopy. The main components of essential oil are Caryophyllene Oxide (7.63%), Tau. Muurolol (5.79%), Armoadendrene Oxide (4.00%), Oleic Acid (3.50%), 1-Heptatriacotanol, 1(+)-Ascrobic Acid 2,6-dihexadecanoate, etc.IR confirms the identification of components. Chemical Investigation was done to determine its molecular for-mula and structure.


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