Isolation and Characterisation on Proteus vulgaris from Mangrove Sediment of Vellar Estuary for Urease Production

Author(s): A. Rebekkah Shanthakumari* and M. Boominathan

Urease is a virulence factor found in various pathogenic bacteria. It is essential in colonization of a host organism and in maintenance of bacterial cells in tissues. Due to its enzymatic activity, urease has a toxic effect on human cells. The present study focused on the production of urease by a Proteus vulgarisisolated from a sedi-ment sample of Vellar estuary, Porto Novo, Tamil Nadu, India. Secondary screening for quantitative urease estima-tion was done by phenol-hypochlorite assay. Based on the maximum enzyme activity on urease slant and plate assay as well as quantitative biochemical enzyme assay, most potential strains were chosen for further studies. An excel-lent correlation was found between test and standard urease which evidenced the possibilities of its industrial appli-cations as urea diagnosis and reduction. Proteus vulgarisis an ideal product for the industrial production and vari-ous applications like determining and reducing urea contaminants.


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