Combined Treatment Method for the Remediation of Fe2+, PO4, SO4and NO3from River Patalganga

Author(s): Sushama S. Darade*& N.N.Bandela

The generalizeduse of Bermuda grass extract for medicinal purposes is common whereas the phy-toremediation of soil and water for the accumulation of heavy metals is a traditional method in the field of waste water treatment. The current paper presents a combined treatment method for the remediation of Fe2+, PO4, SO4, and NO3. The laboratory scale work resulted in a novel technique in which the methanolic extract of Bermuda grass and the biochar obtained after the methanolic extraction process had the potential of removing NO3> SO4>Fe2+> PO4from the Patalganga River water under investigation. The difference in removal of Fe2+, PO4, SO4, and NO3was 5.59%, 2.34%, 10.34%and 19% more than the KMnO4method. The competence of the results attained by the Ber-muda grass activated charcoal (BGACs) was more than that of commercial carbon (COM.ACs). The results were analyzedstatistically by one way ANOVA and the analysis exhibited there was a significant effect of treatment at P < 0.05 level. The Levens test revealed P=0.006 and as P< 0.05 hence confirmed that there is a significant difference in the BGE treatment and the KMnO4treatment.The Post hoc test confirmed BGE treatment is more effective than KMnO4 treatment. Hence it can be concluded that the present study can substantially remove Fe2+, PO4, SO4 and NO3byBGE and BGACs treatment.


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