Study on Physico-Chemical Parameters of Water from Different Dyeing Units Effluents in Ludhiana City, India

Author(s): Shashi Kumar and Yogesh Kumar Walia*

The present study was undertaken on the physico-chemical parameters of water from different dyeing units in Ludhiana city, India. Standard procedures were adopted to calculate the physical and chemical propertiesin water samples. Wastewater was analyzed for various water qualities like pH, TDS,Alkalinity, Hardness, COD, etc. The results from the analysis of dyeing wastewater show that most of the parameters werehigher than the MPL(Maximum Permissible Limit)and that may cause changes in the water chemistry as well. Hence the flow of this dyeing wastewater into the river causes the serious pollution problems. A perspective of environmental pollution associated with various dyeing units and its remedies are described.


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