Synthesis of Chelating Resin with Schiff base and its Coordination Com-pounds withCopper (II), Nickel (II), Cobalt (II), Iron (III), Zinc(II), Molyb-denum (VI) and Uranium(VI)

Author(s): Geeta Solanki*, Vikas Malik & Munesh

The polymer-anchored ligand polystyrene bound schiff base (1) was prepared from 3-aldehydo-4-hydroxy diphenyl and amino methylated polystyrene in 100% in DMF solvent & the reaction of polymer-anchored legend &metal complex or metal salt leads to a colour change from cream to yellow, green, yellowish except in the Cd (II) & Zn (II) complexes where no such change was observed. The polymer-anchored ligand (1) exhibits a band at 1650 cm-1due to the v (C=N) which shifts to lower energy by 20-25 cm-1 in the polymer anchored complexes indi-cating nitrogen coordination of the ligand. The solvent DMF exhibits a band at 1680 cm-1due to the V (C=O) which shifts to lower energy by 15-55 cm-1in the spectra of metal bound polymers indicating oxygen coordination of DMF.Such metal bound polymers seem useful and interesting in view of their numerous applications such as in organic synthesis immobilization of enzymes, biological system application of dyes.


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