Synthesis and Pharmacological Activity of Metal Complexes having Hydrazinobenzimidazole Based Ligands

Author(s): Anand Mohan Jha*, Madhu Bala, K. K. Jha & L. K. Mishra

The complexes of N1-{(1E)-1Hbenzimidazol2yl) ethylidene 2hydrazinobenzimidazole} (BahbH) with some transition metal ions of composition, M(BahbH)2Cl2(M=MnII, CoII,NiII), [M (BahbH)X2] (M=CuIIand X=ClorBr, when M=ZnII, CdII, X=Cl or I) Cu (BahbH)I, Ag (BahbH) NO3, [M(BahbH)2] SO4.nH2O (M=MnII, CoIIor NiIIand n=1 or 2) have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, and studies of IR, UV, Magnetic susceptibility values and electrical conductance measurements at room temperature. The magnetic and spectral properties of MnII, CoIIand NiIIcomplexes are consistent with octahedral structure. The complexes [M(BahbH)X2] have five coordinated pseudo trigonalbipyramidal structure.The ligand and its complexes with CuII, MnII, FeII, ZnII, CdII and AgI were screened for their antifungal and antibacterial activities.The complexes showed positive antifungal and two strains of Proteins mirabilis and Bacillus subtilis.


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