Apparent Molar Volume and Expansibility Behaviour of Magnesium, Calcium and Strontium caprate in Non-aqueous Medium

Author(s): Chitra Singh* and S.K. Upadhyaya

The density measurements, lof magnesium,calcium and strontium caprate in non -aqueous medium at different temperatures(25-40º C) has been used to evaluate various significant parameters viz. apparent molar volume, and expansibility to study their solution behaviour. The critical miceller concentration (CMC), is found to decrease with increasing temperature and vary with different metals as Mg>Ca>Sr. The density of these soap solutions increases with increasing concentration and decreasing temperature. Partial molar volume and experimental limiting slope (Sv) as derived from Masson's equation provide useful informations on soap-solvent and soap-soap interactions. The values of apparent molar volume 98 was found to increase with increasing concentration as well as temperature.


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