Study of Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Bacteriocin Producing Isolates

Author(s): Manish Agarwal* and Arun Kumar

Thisis thestudy of characterization and antibacterialactivity of bacteriocins isolated from home and commercially. The subculture supernatants are tested for antibacterial activity of the isolates are Gram positive showingantibacterial pastime in opposition to various indicator organisms. The micro organism characterized for his or her morphological, physiological and biochemical traits. Primarily based on the information areto be thermos bacterium growing at 45°C. The isolates grew over a wide PH variety producing acid from glucose and are bad for starch and gelatin hydrolyzing belongings. To produce by those isolates may resist excessive temperature with whole inactivation or massive discount in activity whentreated with proteolysis enzymes which include protease.


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