Volume 5, Issue 1

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1 Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Ru(II) and Co(III) Complexes of Phenylene-1,2-bis(iminoflavone) Derivatives Ashok Kumar Singh1*, Suresh Kumar Patel2andAsif Jafri3 Bioactive ruthenium and cobalt scaffolds of molecular formula [Ru(PPh3)2L1-4] and [Co(H2O)Cl L1-4] {where L1-4 represents the tetradentate l.. Read More » 61-70
2 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Screening of Quinoline Linked Oxadiazole Derivatives as Potent Antibacterial Agents Jayesh P. Jadhav 1*, Kokila A. Parmar 1, Shailesh C. Kotval 1,Tessy John 1, Vikaskumar R. Shukla 1, Margi A. Patel 1andBijal M. Patel A series of ten derivatives of quinolin-8-yl[(5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)sulfanyl]acetate was designed and derived through various steps. T.. Read More » 71-75
3 Development of a High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for the Determination of Related Substances in a Liposomal Nano Pharma-ceutical Using Quality by Design Approach S. N. Deshpande1, M. Farooqui2, G.Sanap1and D.D.Kayande1* This study presents the development of gradient reverse phase high performance liquid chroma-tographic method for the determination of Doxor.. Read More » 76-84
4 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Novel N-alkylated 2-(4-bromophenyl)-1H-benzimidazoleDerivatives Deshmukh S. K.1and Sanjay Dashrath Vaidya2* In present study O-pheylenediamine and 4–bromo benzoic acid were used as starting material and treated with poly phosphoric acid to ob.. Read More » 85-90
5 Determination of Metal-Ligand Stability Constant of Transition Metal Complexes with Pharmacologically Active Ligand N-[(E)-(2-Nitrophenyl)methylen]isonicotinohydrazid Zamzam Taher Omar (Al-Ahdal)1, Shivaji L. Jadhav2andMegha J. Rai1* Proton–ligand association constants of organic ligand N-[(E)-(2-Nitrophenyl)methy-len]isonicotinohydrazidwith Mn (II), Co (II), Ni (II.. Read More » 91-95
6 Threat Categorization of Floristic DiversityofMurari Devi and Surrounding Areas in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, India Pankaj Sharma Mountains are home to some of the world’s most threatened and endemic species (including medicinal plants), as well as to some of the .. Read More » 96-104
7 Stability Constant Study of Transition Metal Complexes with Pharma-cologically Active Nicotinamide and Alanineby pH Metric Technique D.D.Kayande1*,Shivaji Jadhav2, Mazahar Farooqui3andMegha Ra The main objective of this research work is to carry out the stability constant study of ternary com-plexes of transition elements with nico.. Read More » 105-107
8 Synthesis, Characterization and Antifungal Activity of Metal Complexes having Hydrazinobenzimidazole Based Ligands Anand Mohan Jha1*,Vishwa Deepak Tripathi2,Nidhi Jha3& Ajoy Mishra4 The synthesis, characterization and antifungal activity of some transition metal complexes of N1–{(1E)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl) benzylide.. Read More » 108-113
9 Supercritical Fluid Extraction: AReview Tariq Ahmad1*, F.A.Masoodi2, Sajad A. Rather3,S. M. Wani4& Amir Gull5 Supercritical fluid Extraction (SFE)is a green technology as use of supercritical CO2 (SC-CO2) is the most widely used since it is nontoxic,.. Read More » 114-122
10 Isolation and Characterization of Acetoacetic Bacteria from Decom-posed Fruits Vivek Srivastava1* and Raj Rani Acetic Acid Bacteria (AAB) are rod shaped, aerobic, and gram-negative bacteria. These have ability to oxidize ethanol to acetic acid and are.. Read More » 123-129
11 Synthesis, Characterization and Cytotoxicity Evaluation on Monocytic Cell Line THP1 of Ru(II) Complexes with 1, 2-Disubstituted Benzimidazoles Ashok Kumar Singh1*, Snehlata Katheria1, Asif Jafri2andMd. Arshad A series of mononuclear ruthenium complexes containing monodentate ligand Benzimidazole have been synthesized and their biological propertie.. Read More » 130-139
12 Applicationsof Silver Nanoparticles: A Review Kanchan Khare Nanotechnology is the most acclaimed art of science in recent times. It deals with the structure of mat-ter having dimensions ranging to a b.. Read More » 140-146
13 Effect of Artificially Supplied Chromium on Glutamine synthetase & Glu-tamate Synthase Activity in Leaves of Helianthus annuusL. Varieties Vivek Srivastava Release of heavy metal pollutants in soil is major threat to environment and crops. Heavy Metal pollu-tant, hexavalent chromium released due.. Read More » 147-152
14 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of New N-alkylated/N-acylated 2-[(4-bromobenzyl) sulfanyl]-1H-benzimidazole Derivatives Deshmukh S. K.1and Sanjay Dashrath Vaidya2 In present study ofpotassium ethyl xanthatewas treated with O-pheylenediamine to form 2-mercaptobenzimidazole, which was treated with1-bromo.. Read More » 153-160
15 Multivariate Biometrical Studies on Vespaspp. from Himachal Pradesh Karuna Singh Jamwal1*, Kuldip Singh2and M.L. Thakur Present research work deals with comprehensive biometrical studies conducted on hymenopteran, especially members of family vespidae viz. Ves.. Read More » 161-171
16 Studies on biology of a field bruchid, Bruchidius albizziae(Coleoptera: Bruchidae) infesting seeds of Acacia CatechuWilld Vinay Katoch Bruchids are seed borers and attack on wild leguminous hosts in field and the edible legumes in stores. All the known beetles of family Bruc.. Read More » 172-175
17 An Efficient and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Schiff P. J. Tambade1*andB. N. Shelke2 The synthesis of Schiffs base ligand of 2-hydroxy 1-napthaldehyde with glycine in abundantly availa-ble water as a solvent is claimed in thi.. Read More » 176-180
18 Nutritional Influence (Spirulina) of Biochemical and Obese Stress Patients Deepika Pancholi1*andIkram Qureshi2 ABSTRACT: Spirulinaplatens is the cyanobaceteria,otherwise known as blue green alga is common in fresh water bodies generally found in alkal.. Read More » 11-13
19 An Overview of In Situ Gel Forming Implants: Current Approach Towards Alternative Drug Delivery System Nirmala Musmade1*, Anil Jadhav1, Priyanka Moin1, Suvarna Patil1andAkhilesh Gupta2 ABSTRACT: Usually, researchers find the difficulties for the development of novel drug delivery systems by imple-menting the novel technolog.. Read More » 14-21
20 To Study Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Bacteriocin Producing Lactobacillus Isolated from Curd Manish Agarwal1*, Arun Kumar2and Ikram Qureshi3 The present study is carried out with the lactic acid bacteria isolation and identification such as Lacto-bacillus fermentum from curd sampl.. Read More » 22-26
21 Synthesis of Some Novel N-alkylated 2-chloro-BenzimidazoleDerivatives and their Biological Evaluation Ashish Yasin Hawaldar1and Sanjay Dashrath Vaidya2* A series of novel N-substituted benzimidazole derivatives have been synthesized by the condensation of ortho-phenylenediamine and urea, subs.. Read More » 27-31
22 Computation of Thermoacoustic and Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Methyl Orange Solution fromDensity and Sonic Speed Data J. D. Pandey1, Rupali Sethi1*, Subhash Chandra Shrivastava1, Vandna Pathak2 and S. K. Vishwakarma2 Density and ultrasonic speed data have been used to calculate a number of useful and important thermoacoustic and thermodynamic parameters s.. Read More » 32-37
23 Phytochemical Analysis of Ocimum americanum Linn.with Special Reference to the Impact ofIn vitroFlowering on the Production of Aromatic Compounds Pranab Gir Apart from chavicol, methyl chavicol, camphor and linalool another major compound cineole is typi-cally present in a very high amount in the.. Read More » 38-42
24 Some Filamentous Blue Green Algae from Sukhana Dam, Aurangabad, Maharashtra Sampada K. Shejul1*andR. J. Sawant2 Algae from Sukhana dam, Aurangabad were investigated from 2015-2017. Algal samples were col-lected from 3 different locations of the water b.. Read More » 43-46
25 Analytical Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Metformin in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by UVSpectrometric Method Mayur Patni1*and Swati Rawat2 A rapid, simple, selective and precise UV-Visible Spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of metformin hydrochlor.. Read More » 47-51
26 Ultrasound Assisted Regioselective Synthesis of Polyhydrospiro [indo-line-3,3 Vishwa Deepak Tripathi Present work demonstrates the ultrasound mediated synthesis of new Hexahydrospiro[indoline-3,3’-pyrrolizine]-2-one derivatives in exce.. Read More » 52-60
27 Synthesis of Innovative Thiolated Red Toon Lignin for the Removal of Fe(III) from Aqueous System Vishal Priya1*, Pankaj Sharma2andDivya Vishambra3 ABSTRACT: In the present work, thiomer have been synthesized via thiourea reactions in high degree of modifica-tion and degree of substituti.. Read More » 1-10
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