An Efficient and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Schiff

Author(s): P. J. Tambade1*andB. N. Shelke2

The synthesis of Schiffs base ligand of 2-hydroxy 1-napthaldehyde with glycine in abundantly availa-ble water as a solvent is claimed in this paper. For the synthesis of this classical Schiffs base, potassium hydroxide (KOH) is used as a base under ultrasonic conditions. Various reaction parameters were explored to find out optimal reaction conditions viz. effect of solvent, temperature, time, and ultrasound wave. The synthesized ligand was iden-tified by comparing with standard product on TLC and further confirmed by melting point, IR and mass analysis. The ligand is then used for complexation with transition metal (iron) using ultrasound as a facilitator.


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