Some Filamentous Blue Green Algae from Sukhana Dam, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Author(s): Sampada K. Shejul1*andR. J. Sawant2

Algae from Sukhana dam, Aurangabad were investigated from 2015-2017. Algal samples were col-lected from 3 different locations of the water body. Several taxa belonging to classChlorophyceae, Bacillariophy-ceae, Cyanophyceae and Euglenophyceae were observed. In the present study 21 species of genusOscillatoria,be-longing to class Cyanophyceae were observed.These areOscillatoriaacuta, O. annae,O. bornetii,O. brevisvar.non granulata,O. calcuttensis,O. chalybea,O. chilkensis,O. cortiana,O. curviceps,O. fracta,O. jenensis,O. limosa,O. mougeotia,O. nigra,O. ornate var. Crassa,O. perornata,O. sancta,O. simplicissima,O. subbrevis,O. tenuis,O. viza-gapatensis.These species are being reported for the first time from the study area.


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