Volume 5, Issue 2

Sno. Title Author’s Name(s) Abstract Page Nos. Article
1 Wild Edible Plants Consumed by Rural Communities in District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India Sanjeev Kumar Plants are gifts of God for mankind and are the basis of life on earth. The tradition of consuming wild plants as a source of food still per.. Read More » 1-11
2 Metal Ion Extraction with Imino Diacetic Acid Immobilised Silica Gel Geeta Solanki1*, Vikas Malik2and Munesh3 The sorption of Pd (II) on iminodiacetic acid (IDA) anchored silicagel was studied. The optimum pH range for quantitative sorption is 4.5-5... Read More » 12-17
3 Population Status, Distribution, Antioxidant Properties and Antibacterial Activityof Threatened Herb Gentiana kurrooRoyle Manohar Lal1*, Kiran Kumari2, S.S. Samant3, Shiv Paul4and Sunil Dutt5 Sustainable utilization and conservation of the threatenedspecies is a major challenge for conserva-tionists. For the conservation and reint.. Read More » 18-27
4 Psoriasis and Its Treatment: A Review Avichal Kumar1*, Shammy Jindal1, Mahendra Singh Ashawat1, Vinay Pandit1 and Vishal Priya The psoriasis is chronic skin disease that causes the symptoms like abnormal skin cell growth, red circles, patches etc. It is also known as.. Read More » 28-31
5 Species Diversity of Lichens in Balh Valley of Himachal Pradesh, North Western Himalaya Hem Chander1*, Sapna2, Deepika2and Sanjna3 During present investigation a total of sixty specimens of lichens were collected from Balh valley. The lichens were collected during Novemb.. Read More » 32-40
6 Azotobacter: A Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria aBiofertilizer for Wheat Crop Vijay Kumar1*, Poonam2, Sapna Sharma3, Anjana4and Minakshi Thakur5 In the present context, the best alternative of chemical fertilizer is necessary because of its adverse effects on the soil health. There ar.. Read More » 41-47
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