Psoriasis and Its Treatment: A Review

Author(s): Avichal Kumar1*, Shammy Jindal1, Mahendra Singh Ashawat1, Vinay Pandit1 and Vishal Priya

The psoriasis is chronic skin disease that causes the symptoms like abnormal skin cell growth, red circles, patches etc. It is also known as erythematous papuleswith silvery scales. The two types of study are used for the pathologic changes on the cellular levels. The most of cases comes in the age observed age in between the ages of 15 and 30. In the study, the reason for psoriasis disease is due to a genetic susceptibility as well as an environmental response. The estimated annual cost $32.5 billion for treating psoriasis in United States. There are number of availa-ble marketed treatment for psoriasis in different formulations like topical and systemic formulations. But, topical formulation was considered as best potent method as compared with systemic one due to the less adverse effects and targeted methods. Herbal, homeopathic approaches are also helps to control the growth of psoriasis with low side effects ascompared with topical allopathic drugs.


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