Population Status, Distribution, Antioxidant Properties and Antibacterial Activityof Threatened Herb Gentiana kurrooRoyle

Author(s): Manohar Lal1*, Kiran Kumari2, S.S. Samant3, Shiv Paul4and Sunil Dutt5

Sustainable utilization and conservation of the threatenedspecies is a major challenge for conserva-tionists. For the conservation and reintroduction of species, comprehensive information on the ecological elements, potential habitats and pharmaceutical importance of the species is essentially required. This hasnecessitated initiat-ing studies on habitat and population ecology of the threatened species. In view of the above, the present study inves-tigated populations of Gentian kurroorepresenting different habitats and aspects in Himachal Pradesh. Among the populations, mean density of G.kurroo80.75 Ind per 100m2and range varied from 63.0-110.0 Ind 100m-2. Theden-sity showed direct relation with soil, slope, aspect and habitat. The particular geographical distribution of the spe-cies was sub tropical indicatedspecies habitat specificity. Biological features, aspects, slope and pressure contributed to the critical population status of the G..kurroo. The present investigation clearly showed that G..kurroopopula-tions occurred in fragmented pattern in the sub-tropical ecosystem. Species re-introduction should therefore careful-ly select suitablehabitat with suggested setting in this study. The present study confirmed that population ecology, habitat distribution modelling provide assistance in the species recovery plan. The study would not only help in eco-restoration of the species and habitats butalso in recovering the species population and improving its conservation.


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