Azotobacter: A Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria aBiofertilizer for Wheat Crop

Author(s): Vijay Kumar1*, Poonam2, Sapna Sharma3, Anjana4and Minakshi Thakur5

In the present context, the best alternative of chemical fertilizer is necessary because of its adverse effects on the soil health. There are several alternatives available to enhance the soil fertility one of them is Azotobac-ter. It is a free-living N2-fixer diazotroph that has several beneficial effects on the crop growth and yield. It helps in synthesis of growth regulating substances like Auxins, Cytokininsand Giberellic Acid (GA). In addition, it stimu-lates rhizospheric microbes, protects the crops from major phytopathogens, improves nutrient uptake and ultimate-ly boost up biological nitrogen fixation. The abundance of these bacteria in soil is related to many factors, mostly soil pH and fertility.


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