Volume 3, Issue 1

Sno. Title Author’s Name(s) Abstract Page Nos. Article
1 Taxonomic and Ethnobotanical Notes on Some Ferns and Fern Allies of Hamirpur (H.P.), North-Western Himalaya Hem Chander*, Neha Choudhary and Priyanka Sharma Keeping in view the ecological and ethnobotanical importance and in contrast to the insufficient data available on the geographical distribu.. Read More » 28-40
2 Investigations on Diversity of Wood Inhabiting Fungi in Sarkaghat Region of District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, North-Western Himalaya HemChander*, Shivani Thakur and Shipra Sharma Wood inhabiting fungi are obligate-parasites of living or dead woody substrates and produce macro-scopic fruiting bodies for reproduction. T.. Read More » 41-54
3 Effect of Chlor-alkali Effluent on Root and Shoot Length of Seedlings of Some Plants Dashmeet Kaur Arora and Dr. S. P. Singh Impact of Chlor-alkali effluent (CAE) was analysed on Barbati (Vigna sinensis), Methie (Trigonella foinumgraecum), Tomato (Lycopersicum escu.. Read More » 1-4
4 Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Large Mammals and Birds in Eco-Tourism Zone of Nanda Devi National Park Hem Chander* Eleven mammals viz. Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia), Himalayan Musk deer (Moschus leucogaster), Himalayan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus), Himalaya.. Read More » 5-9
5 Partial Glycerides ?? An Important Nonionic Surfactant for Industrial Applications: An Overview Kritika Sharma, Sujata Negi, Nandita Thakur and Kamal Kishore* Partial glyceridesare esters of glycerol with fatty acids containing some unreacted hydroxyl groups. Presence of hydroxyl groups in their mo.. Read More » 10-19
6 Effect of Physical Factors, Carbon and Nitrogen Sources on the Growth and Sclerotial Production in Morchella Hybrida (Sow.) Pers I.B. Prasher, M. Sharma, V.C. Chandel and Hem Chander* The in vitro studies on physical and nutritional requirements (Carbon and Nitrogen sources) for the growth and sclerotial production in Morc.. Read More » 20-27
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