Investigations on Diversity of Wood Inhabiting Fungi in Sarkaghat Region of District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, North-Western Himalaya

Author(s): HemChander*, Shivani Thakur and Shipra Sharma

Wood inhabiting fungi are obligate-parasites of living or dead woody substrates and produce macro-scopic fruiting bodies for reproduction. These fungi produce a variety of hydrolytic/lingocellulolytic enzymes and obtain nutrition for their growth via hydrolysis of wood components (cellulose and lignin). The dead wood inhabit-ing fungi that decompose wood are called wood rot fungi. Owing to the ecological and economic importance and in contrast to the insufficient data available on the geographical distribution, floristic and diversity of wood rot fungi in Sarkaghat region of District Mandi of Himachal Pradesh, the floristic investigations were initiated to describe and preserve the wood inhabiting fungi of this region. During the present investigation, eleven species of wood rot fungi viz.Auricularia auricula-judae (L.:Fr.) Schroet., Fomitopsis dochmia(Berk & Broome) Ryv., Ganodermalucidum (Leyss.-Curt.:Fr.) Karst., Hexagonia sulcata Berk., Phellinusfastulosus (Lev.) Ryv., Polyporusgrammocephalus Berk., P.hirsutus Wulf. ex Fr., Schizophyllumcommune Fr.:Fr., Trametesgibbosa (Pers.:Fr.) Fr., T. versicolor(L.:Fr.) Pilat and Xylobolus frustulatus (Pers.) Boidin, belonging to nine genera viz. Auricularia Bull., FomitopsisKarst., GanodermaKarst., PhellinusQuél., HexagoniaFr., Polyporus(Pers.) Gray, Trametes Fr., Schizophyllum Fr. and XylobolusKarst. of seven families viz. Auriculariaceae, Fomitopsidaceae, Ganodermataceae, Hymenochaetaceae, Polyporaceae, Schizophyllaceae and Stereaceae of basidiomycota have been recorded for the first time from Sarkaghat Region of District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh (North-Western Himalaya). Of these seven species viz. A. auricula-judae (L.:Fr.) Schroet., F. dochmia(Berk & Broome) Ryv., P. fastulosus (Lev.) Ryv., H. sulcata Berk., P. grammocephalus Berk., P. hirsutus Wulf. ex Fr. and X. frustulatus (Pers.) Boidin and three genera viz.Auricularia Bull., Polyporus(Pers.) Gray and XylobolusKarst. are new records of wood inhabiting fungi from district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh.<


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