Volume 2, Issue 1

Sno. Title Author’s Name(s) Abstract Page Nos. Article
1 Fluoride Removal from Water by Aluminium Based Adsorption: A Review Sanghranta S. Waghmare1*andTanvir Arfin1 The present manuscript reviews on the research and exclusive development on defluoridation process about alumina based absorbent. For the im.. Read More » 1-11
2 Natural Occurrence and Distribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: AReview Chhavi Mangla1, Aditya Kumar2*,AshokAggarwal3and Suresh Kumar Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) association constitutes an important component of soil microbial com-munity belongs to the fungal phylum Glomero.. Read More » 12-19
3 The Effect of Elevated Ca2+Concentrations on Cadmium-Induced Accel-eration of Leaf Senescence Nandita Thakur1*, Shanti S. Sharma2and Kamal Kishore The present study is aiming at assessing the influence of Cd2+on dark-induced senescence of excised Tropaeolum majus leaves. Besides determi.. Read More » 20-24
4 Assessment of Physico Chemical Parameters forAnalysing Water: AReview Vandana Sharma1*and Yogesh Kumar Walia2and Aditya Kumar3 Water is  the  most  important in shaping the land and  regulating the  climate.  It is  one  of the.. Read More » 25-33
5 Ethnobotanical Uses of Some Medicinal Plants of District Mandi, Hima-chal Pradesh (India) Suresh Kumar Himachal Pradesh, one of the pioneer Himalayan States is a rich repository of medicinal flora. The paper documents the traditional knowledge.. Read More » 34-2147483647
6 Abnormal Meiosis in Tetraploid (4x) Cannabis sativa (L.) from Lahaul-Spiti (Cold Desert Higher Altitude Himalayas)-A Neglected But Important Herb Vivek Sharma1*, Devendra K. Srivastava2, Raghbir C. Gupta3, Bikram Singh4 Present paper deals with the chromosome numbers, meiotic course and pollen viability of Cannabis sativaL., which was assessed cytologicallyi.. Read More » 38-42
7 Effect of Biofertilizers[Azatobacter and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria]and their Combinations on Plant Height at maturity of Brassica campestris Reena Kumari1, Surender Pal2*andZia-Ul-Hasan3 The investigation was carried out on Brassica campestris, two varieties cultivated with the treatment of two biofertillizers azatobacter chr.. Read More » 43-47
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