The Effect of Elevated Ca2+Concentrations on Cadmium-Induced Accel-eration of Leaf Senescence

Author(s): Nandita Thakur1*, Shanti S. Sharma2and Kamal Kishore

The present study is aiming at assessing the influence of Cd2+on dark-induced senescence of excised Tropaeolum majus leaves. Besides determining the effects of Cd2+ applied individually on leaf senescence, itsinterac-tive effects with elevated Ca2+is also determined. The experimental design involved incubation of excised T. majusleaves in dark in the absence (control) and presence of Cadmium, Ca+either individually or in combination for 7 days. At the end oftreatment chlorophyll levels, lipid peroxidation and K+leakage from leaves were measured. The findings from present study reveal that the leaf senescence acceleration by the influence of Cadmium and Ca2+


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