Effect of Biofertilizers[Azatobacter and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria]and their Combinations on Plant Height at maturity of Brassica campestris

Author(s): Reena Kumari1, Surender Pal2*andZia-Ul-Hasan3

The investigation was carried out on Brassica campestris, two varieties cultivated with the treatment of two biofertillizers azatobacter chrococcum and phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB). In varieties ys-66 and k-88, effect of azatobacter15g inoculation showed 155.2±1.6 and 155.2±1.7 plant heightrespectively. PSB15g inoculation showed 153.3±1.7 and 154.2±1.8 plant height respectively azatobacter +PSB 15g+15g inoculation showed161.3±2.0 and 162.2±1.8 respectively. In varities ys-66 and k-88, effect of azatobacter 15 g inoculation showed 10.3±1.7 and 11.1±1.4 number of branches per plant respectively. 15g PSB inoculation showed 9.7±1.3 and 9.6 ±1.1 respectively. Combined treatment of azatobacter + PSB showed 12.4±1.4 and 12.3±1.8 respectively.Control seeds of both varie-ties showed 146.3±4.2 and 146.3±3.2 plant height, 6.8±1.3 and 6.1±1.3 respectively.<


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