Assessment of Physico Chemical Parameters forAnalysing Water: AReview

Author(s): Vandana Sharma1*and Yogesh Kumar Walia2and Aditya Kumar3

Water is  the  most  important in shaping the land and  regulating the  climate.  It is  one  of the  most im-portant  compounds  that  profoundly  influence  life.  People  on  globe  are  under  tremendous  threat  due  to  undesiredchanges in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air, water and soil. Due to increased human popu-lation,  industrialization,  use  of  fertilizers  and  man-made  activity  water  is  highly  polluted  with  different  harmful contaminants. Natural water contaminates due to weathering of rocks and leaching of soils, mining processing etc. It is  necessary  that  the  quality  of  drinking  water  should  be  checked  at  regular  time  interval,  because due  to  use  of contaminated  drinking  water,  human  population  suffers  from  varied  of  water  borne  diseases.  The  availability  of good quality  water  is  an indispensable  feature for preventing diseases  and improving quality  of life. It is necessary to  know  details  about  different  physico-chemical  parameters  such  as colour,temperature,  acidity,  hardness,  pH, sulphate, chloride, DO, BOD, COD, alkalinity used for testing of water quality. Heavy metals such as Pb, Cr, Fe, Hg etc. are of special concern because they produce water or chronic poisoning in aquatic animals. Some water analysis reports with  physico-chemical  parameters  have been given  for the  exploring parameter study.  Guidelines  of  differ-ent physico-chemical parameters also have been given for comparing the value of real water sample.<


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