Fluoride Removal from Water by Aluminium Based Adsorption: A Review

Author(s): Sanghranta S. Waghmare1*andTanvir Arfin1

The present manuscript reviews on the research and exclusive development on defluoridation process about alumina based absorbent. For the improvement of properties, enhancement in the capabilities to balance the tendency of reliability for alumina, the basic and fundamental technological advancement have been done by utiliz-ing alumina base absorbent for various application in treatment of waste water. In this content, the review related to recent progress on themodification of alumina based adsorbent to levy so as to improve the solubility and applica-tion. It present the underlying factor such as type and concentration of initiator, temperature and time are respon-sible for influencing the alumina based absorbent. The alumina and its derivatives have lots of capabilities for the process of defloration, so it is also predicted to good source for discarding pollutant from water and waste water as well. In the present review, the various aspect of alumina based absorbent such as preparation, application, kinetic studies effects have been put forward for further view.


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