Commentary - (2021) Volume 7, Issue 3

Plant Extracts for Diabetes Treatment
Payam Behzadi*
Department of Islamic, Azad University, Iran
*Correspondence: Payam Behzadi, Department of Islamic, Azad University, Iran, Email:

Received: 03-Dec-2021 Accepted Date: Feb 17, 2022 ; Published: 24-Feb-2022


An extract is a substance which is drawn from a naturally occurring raw material, using a solvent such as water, ethanol or oil. Plant extracts are substances which are usually drawn from different wild occurring plants or herbs which have been long used for their medicinal properties. The methods and techniques used in the extraction include pressing, juicing, steeping, decoction, maceration and distillation-separation. Diabetes Mellitus, regularly known as diabetes is a condition which is caused due to considerable high blood sugar concentration over a prolonged period of time which disrupts the metabolic system of the human body. Symptoms include frequent urination, increased appetite and increased thirst. In some studies Plant based extracts have shown a promising anti-diabetic properties and such plants include Aloe Vera, Bilberry extract ,Bitter melon ,Cinnamon ,Fenugreek ,Ginger and Okra. Bilberries (vaccinium myrtillus) is a dark blue fruit which is smaller, softer and darker than its cousin the blueberry, research studies have indicated that these fruits contain a compound known as anthocyanosides which promote blood vessel strength which could have protective properties against retinal damage in people suffering with diabetes. Bilberry extract is not officially recognized as the treatment for diabetes but it has a remarkable property of lowering blood glucose level and a further more scientific research would open doors to a new era of medical revolution in the treatment of diabetes .Bitter melon(Bitter Gourd) is a very unique vegetable which could be consumed both as a vegetable and medicine, this vegetable contains 3 substances with active anti-diabetic properties, these substances either work individually or together. It contains lectin which is considered to be the major contributor to the reduction of blood glucose levels. A numerous clinical trials have been done to prove the efficacy of the bitter melon in the treatment of diabetes. The herbs and plant extracts have been employed traditionally by the communities in ancient times especially in Ayurveda, orient and tribal communities of Africa. Ginseng is another such plant species in some studies it’s found out that it reduces the sudden rush in blood glucose level and further research is required to properly analyze the effects on diabetes. The pharmaceutical industry has its roots in the apothecary shops of Europe were medicines were traditionally harvested from locally available substances, like morphine and strychnine and certain therapeutically important drugs were derived from the extracts from the medicinal plants. Many compounds have been identified by investigating many plants using all available medical applications. Medicinal plants that are harvested from the wild are general threats include climate change and habitat loss and a more specific threat arises due to over collection and such an instance aroused when there was over collection of Pacific yew when the demand for the extract named taxol became public and demanding.


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