The Novel Emerging Approaches for the Synthesis of Tetrahydropyridine Motifs: An Overview

Author(s): Ajeet A. Yelwande*, Jaysing M. Dinore, Pritam A. Mule and Bhagwansing S. Dobhal

Tetrahydropyridine scaffold is key step in the synthesis of wide variety of natural products, pharma-ceuticals and biologically important moieties. This bioactive core has maintained the interest of researchersin gain-ingthe most suggestive and conclusive access in the fields of novel tetrahydropyridine derivatives of medicinally importance from the last few decades. The researchersgroup are quite engaged with the challenge of developing the simple and facile direct access to the vastlibraries of THPDs. However, this review would expectantly shed light on ways to raise the therapeutic worth and recent advancement made in the multicomponent synthesis of THPDs re-ported in the recent scientific literature.


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