The Influence of Mycorrhizal Interactions on some physiological parameters of Spilanthes acmellaMurr. plan

Author(s): Aditya Kumar, Chhavi Mangla and Ashok Aggarwal

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi usually enhance overall plant performance, yet their effects on some physiological parameters of Spilanthes acmella was evaluated in green house pot experiment. In the present investi-gation the presence of these bodies accelerate the rate of chlorophyll content and phosphorus after 45 and 90 days of inoculation. Results showed that maximum increase in chlorophyll content was recorded in dual combination of A.laevisplus G.mosseae(0.818±0.05; 2.074±0.07) after 45 and 90 days. Likewise, forty five days after inoculation, the maximum P-content in shoot and root was noticed in the treatment of A.laevisplus T.viride(0.999±0.03) and G.mosseaeplus T.viride(0.551±0.02) respectively.After 90 days of inoculation, the highest increased P-content in shoot and root was observed in A.laevisplus G.mosseae(1.248±0.03) and G.mosseaeplus T.viride(0.839±0.02) respec-tively. Results revealed that higher content of phosphorus was recorded in shoot than root<


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