Taxonomic Revision and Biocontrol of Bruchidius lineolatus Arora (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Author(s): Vinay Katoch*and D. R. Thakur

Insects are grouped in 30 orders of class Insecta, out of which 9 are very destructive and act as pests of plants and animals. The largest number of described species is in the order Coleoptera. Bruchidae is a small family of this order with 2000 known species but it has a significant economic importance. Bruchids are seed borers and attack on wild leguminous hosts in field and the edible legumes in stores. All the known beetles of family Bruchidae feed on seedsof 34 families of kingdom Plantae and about 80% of them feed on the seeds belonging to family Fabaceae. Bruchids attacking green pods of wild legumes are usually univoltine, has specific but long developmental period and life span. These are generally referred as field bruchids. Bruchids are universal beetle infest leguminous plant and their larvae entering the seed and feed on cotyledons and embryo and rendering them nonviable. Under the present investigation Bruchidius lineolatusArora has been found associated with Albizzia proceraRoxb. in dif-ferent parts of Himachal Pradesh, India.


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