Synthesis, Identification and Antibacterial Potency of Azo Dyes having Quinolin-8-ol and Active Methylene Moiety

Author(s): Kanchan R. Damade, Jyotsana D. Shinde, Dinesh J. Bhojsing, Vijay S.Patil, Bhaiya S.Chauhan, Kiran R. Kapadane & Chandan I. Rajput

In the present study we have reacted the five aryl diazonium salts prepared from nitro substituted anilines and amino substituted benzoic acids and coupled with Quinolin-8-ol and Active methylene group of pent-1,4-dione respectively. Synthesized compounds are then identified by FTIR Spectroscopical method.The final product, I to V formed has potential to use as azo dyes and asanintermediate in other synthetic procedures or transformations along with this they exhibits good biological activities.


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