Sulphate Chemical Pulping (Anthraquinone) of Morus nigra

Author(s): Yogesh Kumar Walia and Dinesh Kmar Gupta

The maximum tonnage for bleachable grade of pulp is produced today by sulphate chemical process all over the world as compare to other pulp manufacturing processes, because of some distinct superiority over other processes, in India sulphate chemical process is predominantly employed 3, because of high pulp strength, versatility of pulping different raw materials, versatility of producing a wide range of pulp, efficient chemicals and heat recov-ery and reduced pitch troubles with resinuous woods.Use of Anthraquinone (AQ)in pulping has been found to have a marked catalytic effect. In addition to enhancing the rate of delignification, AQ is said to stabilize. For carbohy-drates and at comparable permagnate numbers, unbleached pulp yields were always found to be higher for kraft AQ or soda AQ pulps, with no seemingly adverse effect on strength properties of bleached and unbleached pulp.


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