Study Physicho Chemical Parameters of Soil in Shrirampur Tehsil Area and Nearby Villages (M.S.)

Author(s): Renuka.R.Pawar and Mohan.D.Sangale*

The present study was conducted in order to know the role of various climates, geomorphologic and manmade practices in agricultural farming in Shrirampur tehsil of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra State. A simple random sampling technique was used for the selection of soil samples from various villages located in the study area .The total 15 soil samples from 05 villages of Shrirampur Tehsil and were selected. The study shows that textural profile and water holding capacities of all the soil samples were moderate and to certain extent needs change in cropping pattern and irrigation practices. Chemical parameter analyzed such as pH shows acidic soil & some shows alkaline soil, Electrical Conductance, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sulphur, Boron, Calcium, were in few cases shows alarming, which needs proper utilization of manures, control chemical fertilizers and rein-vestigation in their farming practices.


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