Premna Species: A Review

Author(s): Atul Kabra, Ruchika Kabra and Uttam Singh Baghel

Millions of people all over the world are using herbal medicines from thousands of years, due to their great interest in traditional medicines. They belief that herbal medicines might be effective in the treatment of cer-tain diseases(Calixto, 2000).The genus Premna contains 200 species under the family Verbenaceaeall over the world and out of that approximately 30 species are present in India. The Premna genus can be used traditionally in treat-ing various ailments like rheumatism, asthma, dropsy, cough, fever, boils and scrofulous disease’s.The different parts of the plant like leaves, stem, stem barks, root, root barks and wood have been used for extraction purpose. The chemical constituents or secondary metabolites found are mainly alkaloids, terpenoids, phenolic compounds, flavanoids and amino acids. The Pharmacological activities like anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperlipidemic and immuno-modulatory are mainly reported during in-vitroand in-vivoevaluation.<


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