MOPS Buffer Catalyzed Synthesis of Indolyl Pyrimidine 2,4,6 Triones Under Ultrasound Irradiation

Author(s): Suchita S. Gadekar1, Suryakant B. Sapkal2and Balaji R. Madje1*

Multicomponent one pot synthesis of Indolyl pyrimidine 2,4,6 trionederivatives has been described by the condensation of aromatic aldehydes, indole and barbituric acid in the presence of 3-morpholinopropane-1-sulfonic acid (MOPS) in acetone under ultrasound irradiation condition. Besides biochemical application, MOPS as an organocatalyst has been used in multicomponent organic transformation and succeeded along with virtues of green chemistry practices. Reaction is mechanized by zwitterionic interactions between organocatalyst and reac-tants to form targeted molecules.


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