Floristic Studies on Cryptogams of Sarkaghat region in Himachal Pradesh, India

Author(s): Poonam and Hem Chander

Floristic studies were conducted in the Sarkaghat region of Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh (India) during July 2019 to August 2020 to explore the diversity of cryptogams including algae, bryophytes, lichens and pteridophytes. Specimens of cryptogams were collected from various localities (Gadyahra, Gadohal, Bidi, Parchu, Balh, Ratkel, Tasli nala, Sarkaghat, Barchwar, Longani and Dhagwani) of Sarkaghat region with the help of equipments like knife, spatula, trowel, forceps and also by hands. The specimens were initially stored in containers, plastic bags and paper packets. Field data was recorded in field note book including locality name, collection date and substratum. The specimens were pressed, dried and identified with the help of identification keys and latest literature. During the present investigations, a total of 63 species of cryptogams of families Zygnemataceae, Ulothriaceae, Hydrodictyaceae, Cladophoraceae, Tabellariaceae, Marchantiaceae, Aytoniaceae, Bryaceae, Anthocerotaceae, Funariaceae, Hypnaceae, Polytrichaceae, Fissidentaceae, Candelariaceae, Verrucariaceae, Cladoniaceae, Parmeliaceae, Physciaceae, Calicariaceae, Graphidaceae, Lecanoraceae, Pteridaceae, Aspleniaceae, Dryopteridaceae, Equisetaceae, Athyriaceae, Marseliaceae, Selaginellaceae, Thelypteridaceae, Cheilanthaceae, Lygodiaceae and Polypodiaceae had been identified.<


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