Effect of Organic, Bio-fertilizers and Inorganic Amendments on Mineral Composition and Biological propertiesofsoil during Cultivation of Cauliflower(Brassica oleracea)

Author(s): Seema Devi1and Vivek Kumar2

Due to the geographical location of Himachal Pradesh, the region is divided into four agro climatic zones i.e. low hills, mid hills, wet temperate and dry temperate hills. Among above said zones mid hills are most suited for the cultivation of different seasonal and off seasonal vegetables. So the farmers in these areas do extensive and rational vegetable cultivation. This malpractice lead to the deterioration of the soil health as well as microbes residing in the soil which in turn make soil fertile and thus effecting the biological properties of the soil. The present paper deals with some cost effective methods which not only increases the production as well as improves the biolog-ical and microbial health of the soil with significant enhancement of minerals.<


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