Effect of Biofertillizers[Azatobacter and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacte-ria (PSB)]and Their Combination on Root Length of Brassica campestris

Author(s): Surender Pal, Reena kumri and Zia-Ul-Hasan

The investigation was carried out Brassica campestrisand it has been cultivated with the treatment of two biofertilizersAzatobacterand Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (PSB).In varitiesK-88 and YS-66, The effect of 15 gAzatobacterinoculation showed 6.8+_0.2 root length respectively, 15g PSB inoculation showed 6.9 +_ 0.1 root length respectively, and 15+15 gm Azatobacter+ PSB inoculation showed 6.9 +_ 0.1 root length respectively. Control seeds of both cultivars showed 6.4 +_ 0.1 root length.


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