Combustion Synthesis & Energy Transfer Mechanism of Bi3+

Author(s): Jyoti A. Waje, Priyanka N. Dandle & Atul B. Gawande*

YCaBO4:Gd3+, and YCaBO4:Gd3+,Bi3+phosphors were synthesized by the combustion synthesis method. Photoluminescence properties of these phosphors were systematically investigated. Boththe samples show the characteristic narrow band UVB emission of Gd3+ions (6PJ→ 8S7/2). The energy transfer mechanism was studied using Bi3+as sensitizer and it is observed that energy was effectively transferred to Gd3+. The stoke shifts of YCaBO4:Gd3+, and YCaBO4:Gd3+,Bi3+phosphors were calculated to be 15120cm-1and 6410 cm-1, respectively.


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