Antimicrobial Examination of Mucilage Obtained from Fruits of Tilkor [Mamoradica monadelpha]: A Potential Medicinal Plant

Author(s): Panshu Pratik and Md. Athar Shadique

The present study includes isolation and purification of mucilage from fruits of Tilkor and its chemical characterization using FTIR and TLC. The extraction of mucilage is standardized and is purified. FTIR of the pure freeze dried powder showed the presence of complex carbohydrates starch and this confirmed the film forming property of the mucilage. using n-ethanol: acetic acid: water (4:3:7v/v/v) as solvent system Rf values were found to be 0.96; 0.87; 0.95; 0.72; 0.46; 0.20. Also, these spots reflected color under UV light. A prominent Rf of 0.87 was observed in case of sample and standard. The film is effective on Staphylococcus aureus MTCC 738 and bacteria isolated from infected skin with 12.25±.03 and 10.03± 0.2mm zone diameter. It did not show any antifungal activity on Asperfigllus foetidus MTCC 2736.


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