Analytical Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Alpha Lipoic Acidin Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by UV Spectrometric Method

Author(s): Mayur Patni and Swati Rawat

A rapid, specific and economic UV spectrophotometric method has been developed to determine the alpha lipoic acid content in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage formulations. At a pre-determinedabsorption maxi-maof 334nm, it was proved linear in the range of 100-500μg/ml, and exhibited good correlation coefficient (R2=0.998) and excellent mean recovery (99.8% to 101.60%). This method was successfully applied to the determi-nation of alpha lipoic acid and validated statistically and by recovery studies for linearity, precision, repeatability, and reproducibility. The obtained results proved that the method can be employed for the routine analysis of alpha lipoic acid in bulks as well as in the commercial formulations.<


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