Acoustical Behaviour of Neodymium Soaps of Saturated Fatty Acids in 60/40 Benzene-Dimethylsulphoxide Mixture at Various Temperatures

Author(s): Chhaya Chauhan1*and S.K. Upadhyaya

Ultrasonic velocity & density measurements of the solutions of neodymium caprylate and laurate in 60/40 benzene-dimethylsulphoxide mixture(V/V) at different temperatures have been carried out in order to deter-mine the critical concentration of micelle formation, ultrasonic velocity, soap-solvent interactions and number of allied acoustical parameters. The value of critical micellar concentration of neodymium caprylate and laurate are in good agreement with those determined from other physico-chemical techniques .The results also confirm that there is a significant interaction between neodymium soaps and mixed organic solvent molecules in dilute solutions and the soap molecules do not aggregate below the CMC. Thevalues of CMC for neodymium soaps increases with the rise in temperature


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