Policy for Plagiarism

E-RESEARCHCO provides the platform for the national and international researchers who are working almost in all fields. Like everything else in today’s digital culture, plagiarism is moving online, and it has been observed that many of persons/researchers are stealing the matter & the work of other original workers and publish them in various journals. All the editors of E-RESEARCHCO take a very serious view of any evidence of plagiarism including self-plagiarism in manuscripts submitted to them. Every reasonable effort will be made to investigate any allegations of plagiarism brought to their attention, as well as instances that come up during the peer review process. In those instances where in spite of these precautions a case of plagiarism goes undetected in the review process and is discovered after publication, both online and print versions of the journals concerned will carry a notice of the discovery. Depending on the seriousness of the case, E-RESEARCHO reserves the right to inform the heads of the offending authors’ institutions and their funding agencies about the editors’ findings.

Any person/researcher involved in Plagiarism may be blacklisted and debarred from publishing his articles in our journals forever. Further, Head of the departments and the University to which the plagiarist belongs will be intimated with the stress to take serious action etc.


Journal of Biological and Chemical Chronicles - UGC Approved